April 2012

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  • The seed of Zack Zero

    When we created the company, the first thing we started with was the definition of the type of game we wanted to make, the development of a 3D engine and all the necessary tools. Our initial plan was to make a game with the structure of Carlos’ first commercial game, produced over 20 years ago in the 8-bit era (called Phantis in Spain and Game Over II in other countries).   The idea was to make a platform game with 3D graphics but a [...]

  • Welcome to our development and news blog!

    Hi everyone and welcome to our development blog! This blog is about the development and news of Crocodile Entertainment projects, specially for the next versions of our first game, Zack Zero. We’ll talk about our incoming projects, and will try to keep you informed about the progress and development of Zack Zero PC version. Also, [...]