About us

About Crocodile Entertainment

Crocodile Entertainment is an independent videogame development studio. Our goal is to create high quality games for PC and consoles.

Created in 2008 by professionals with years of experience in the game industry, our strategy is:
  • To create high quality games in an efficient way.
  • To create games for the general public, with easy access and gameplay.
  • To maintain the independence of our developments.
  • To take great pride of our products and exceptional care in their marketing.

The Team

Carlos Abril

Has been working in the video game industry for more than 25 years. He was founding partner of companies like Dinamic Multimedia and FX Interactive, where he was head of programming and R+D. He’s the creator of games like PCFutbol and PCBasket. He developed all the versions of PCFutbol up to PCFutbol 7.0, including versions of the successful Premier Manager 97 and 98 published by Gremlin Interactive, being the producer that has had more games sales in Spain. His first commercial game, Game Over II, was created in 1987 and distributed by Electronic Arts.

Alberto Moreno ‘Grihan’

Has been working in the video game industry for more than 18 years. He started in PCFutbol 3.0’s team and until the 8.0 version, he has worked in the graphic department, becoming the leader of the graphic department of PCFutbol and co-producing the 8.0 version. He was in charge of Eurotour Cycling. Later he was graphics producer in Trilobite Graphics. In the past few years he was the graphic leader for FX Interactive.