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11 January, 2012



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Zack Zero takes you on an action-packed platform adventure with incredible 3D graphics and the playability and entertainment of classic 2D games. Help Zack Zero save his beloved Marlene, kidnapped by the evil Zulrog in an effort to obtain the powerful substance that will allow him to travel back in time.


The idea was to make a platform game with 3D graphics but a 2D game structure. Something simple that would take a couple of years to develop for PC and thus have an initial team, structure, engines, tools, procedures, and an introduction for developing our second game for consoles, a world that was foreign and unknown to us. However, we ended up making our first game for PlayStation 3, which took 3 more years to develop than what we had initially planned.


  • More than 30 characters, including 5 spectacular bosses!
  • Incredible and diverse scenarios.
  • Use Zack's experimental suit to wield the powers of fire, ice and rock, with 10 unique skills that become increasingly powerful with use.
  • Develop Zack up to level 20, defeat enemies using a variety of creative attacks in order to reach Zack's maximum power.
  • Find hidden objects in remote areas of each scenario, a true challenge for skilled treasure hunters.
  • Follow the storyline through animated comics that portray the game's script.
  • Real-time online ranking system: find your friend's scores and try to beat them.


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Awards & Recognition

    Zack Zero has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Articles

      • "Good ol' retro-style platformer with the highlights coming through level design and array of wacky enemy-types."
        - Steven Williamson, PlayStation Universe
      • "The platformer that no one has heard about yet but everyone needs to try out...for anyone looking to relive the classic platformer gaming experience."
        - Nick Rego, ME Gamers
      • "Zack Zero is the perfect game from someone who is a fan of old-school platforming."
        - Chris K, PSN Stores
      • "A pleasant surprise. Zack's an unexpected hero that PS3 owners should give a chance, and I congratulate Crocodile on a successful PSN debut."
        - Karl Koebke, gmrReview
      • "Zack Zero pleases with its solid old-school visuals and gameplay, and has many playful qualities."
        - Thomas Nickel/Björn Balg, Eurogamer Germany

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      Zack Zero Credits

      Alberto Moreno
      Artist, Game Designer

      Carlos Abril
      Programmer, Original Idea

      Nacho Abril

      Diego Garcés

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