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  • Including OpenGL 3.2 in Zack Zero

    Next week, we will release Zack Zero on Steam. Those months, we have been working improving the game. About the engine, we have improved the graphics engine to support OpenGL 3.2 ‘core profile’ but keeping the OpenGL 2.1 path for cards with less capabilities (OpenGL 3.2 is supported from the NVIDIA 8xxx, the first one, [...]

  • Zack Zero PC launch incoming!

    Here is Zack Zero for PC! Although only for Spain, in Game Digital. Improved technology for PC Zack Zero as never seen before: amazing HD graphics up to 1440p, improved textures and effects, and more powerful music and sound. Official soundtrack included Enjoy the amazing Zack Zero OST, downloadable totally free! Free DLC’s New levels, best [...]