Zack Zero: character evolution

When we started Zack Zero, the initial idea regarding its core gameplay was slightly different. Zack Zero was initially designed as a game where a space marine had to go straight through linear levels, buying new weapons and upgrading them, killing all enemies in his path and finally saving his girlfriend from the evil Zulrog.
But our purpose and structure of the game did not seem valid for the console so we had to make significant changes – the initial character, the approach toward taking on new weapons and improving them – and we were in need of more puzzles which required changing the linear structure of the maps.

Concept art of some of the weapons included in the prototype of Zack Zero

An ingame screenshot with the old Zack Zero character shooting a gun

So we met with the team and held a brainstorming session in a restaurant, while having some beers and eating pizza. We have no offices, so we had to improvise our meeting room.

All this ended up forcing us to adjust what we had already done ​​to fit the new design: we had to change the character to look more like a superhero who, thanks to his suit, could take the form of fire, ice and stone. We changed the game levels for these forms of character to make ​​sense, including puzzles and areas where the player had to put them to use in order to advance.

Finally, we got this concept art for Zack Zero, includiying all his forms

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